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Fishing Skill Guide

Most of this guide is going to be for members, will update non members part later on.

Level 1 - 15 (small fishing net, can be picked up at fishing location)

Catch Shrimps near the fishing tutor below lumbridge graveyard.

Level 15 - 40 (this will require feathers and a fly fishing rod)

Catch trout at shilo village or the lake near barbarian village. (at 30 you will catch salmon aswell as trout).

Level 40 - 62 (for lobsters you will need a lobster pot)

You can catch lobsters, or continue with the trout and salmon method both work efficiently. To catch lobsters, go to catherby or karmajara.

Level 62 - 99 (to catch monkfish you will need to do the swan song quest, and need a small fishing net. For sharks, you will need a harpoon up until 96)

Catch monkfish at pictorious fishing colony which is north west of the gnome stronghold. You can attempt to catch sharks at 76, but I found it to be very slow, at 96 you can catch sharks barehanded if you have done the fishing part of the barbarian training.

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