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Wolf Whistle Quest Guide

Written by Delarue64 and Crowlion

Items Required: 2 wolf bones.

Start point: Speak to Pickupstix, who is in Taverly, just south west of Doric’s hut, or west of the tree spot.

Quest Rewards: 1 QP, access to the summoning skill, 275 gold charms and 276 summoning exp (level 4 summoning).

  • Talk to Pickupstix, he tells you that there is a Wolpertinger up stairs that breeds like a rabbit.
  • Go upstairs and check it out.
  • Head back to Pickupstix and he tells you that he needs 2 wolf bones, (they can be obtained from the wolves on white wolf mountain to the west). He gives you some pouches, gold charms and spirit shards.
  • Go down the trapdoor which is located just next to the bookshelves/table.
  • Click on infuse-pouch obelisk as shown below in the picture.

  • Click spirt wolf pouch up the north west side of the screen.
  • You will have 2 wolf pouches, use one of them with the obelisk and click howl scroll.
  • Return to Pickupstix and he will tell you that you are ready to scare the Wolpertinger away once and for all.
  • Go upstairs, then right click on the pouch and click summon, a wolf will appear between you and the Wolpertinger. Use the howl scroll with the Wolpertinger and it should scare him away.


  • Head back to Pickupstix and he will tell you to recharge your points at the obelisk as you have drained them all when you scared the Wolpertinger off.
  • Go back to where you made the pouches and scroll, right click the obelisk and click re-new points.
  • Once you have done that, talk to Pickupstix again and you will complete the quest!

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