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The Chosen Commander


Level 46 Strength, Agility and Thieving

Items Needed:

Tinderbox, lantern, ham robes (provided during quest)

Items recommended:

1x ardy teleport runes, lightness gear (boots of lightness, spotted or spottier cape and penance gloves) Energy potions/explorer ring 3 charged.

Start Point:

Captain Undak in Dorgesh-Kaan.


3 Quest Points, 20k agility, thieving and strength xp, Zanik's crossbow, the ability to fight bando's followers statues, access to bandos throne room.


  • Speak to captain undak in dorgesh-kaan, he will tell you that some of the children have been getting sick so he wants you to check out the nursery upstairs. Go up the stairs just north of him.

  • When you get upstairs go inside the room with heaps of yellow dots, you will see a goblin named Mernik, who tells you to talk to Torzek outside as she doesn't know much about the children's sickness.
  • Torzek will tell you that it was something that the children ate that made them sick, and suggests that you ask the children that are sitting down outside the nursery to find out what they ate. What they ate may be random, but from what I've heard it's been frog soup or something along those words and something else to do with frogs.
  • Talk to the captain and he will tell you to go to the store owners down stairs and ask who they got the ingredients from. Look for the shop owners shouting out the food you were told they ate. Then ask them who they got it from, you need to find both dishes being sold and compare the merchants. ( there should be one in common from both owners)
  • The merchant for me was walton, he can be found south east of the market shown in the picture below. After accusing him of poisoning the children he will attack you.

  • After a couple hits against the agent, he will put up protection prayer and start talking again. Then Zanik will appear from a portal behind the agent and help kill him with her crossbow to get around the prayer. Once the agent looks dead the captain will come and arrest him before you and Zanik finish him off.
  • After the agent has been arrested and taken off with the captain, Zanik will begin to explain where she has been. You will enter a cutscene and will take control of Zanik in the bandos throne room.
  • Walk around until you see a goblin statue that you can climb to get to the big ourg statue with the bowl. Then continue jumping from statue to statue until you get to the ledge with a crossbow. Pick up the crossbow then grapple the wall and pick up the pendant.
  • You will now be on the ground and the ourg statue will lower the bowl so you can look into it. When you look into it you will see your character fight the agent. Once that cutscene has finished run west to the huge army of statues and they will make a pathway for you so you can get to the portal.
  • After a little chat with Zanik she will agree to go to the council chamber with you, head north and go up the stairs that are near some water. After the cutscenes, talk to the captain, he will tell you to find Zanik who ran off to hide in the cave near the dorgshuun agility course.
  • Run south going up and down stairs until you find the big stairs that go towards the agility course, then go down the ladder there and run south until you see Zanik sitting down at the end of the cave. Sit down with her and keep saying nothing, she will eventually talk and agree to head back to the council to face what she did.
  • Go back to the council, after the cutscene say your goodbyes to Zanik then talk to the captain for your next task. He will give you a set of ham robes to use as a disguise at the secret base. Teleport to lumbridge then run through the woods west of the castle to find the base. ( you can tell where it is by the dungeon icon on the mini map). Run through the base til you find Johanhus Ulsbrecht, he is in the south east corner of the base. Talk to him and he will tell you about the base in ardrougne and tells you the password "arrav".
  • Teleport to ardy and head to the windmill north of ardy. Talk to Milton the Miller and tell him the password to gain access to the base.
  • Open the door to the east, then all the other doors in the east area to unlock them. You will be stopped by the guard near the prison in the south east door and will be asked for a letter. Ask him what day it is and who is the interrogator on duty for that day. (the answer for mine was Gullday) He will say to look on the chart on the wall. A picture of the chart is below.

  • So as you can tell I had to find Sam, the guards can be found in the room where you first entered. Next to sigmund. Pickpocket the letter from the guard you are after then head back to the other guard that asked for the letter. Show him the letter then he will let you enter. Pick up the key and open the door. Talk to the prisoner and you will find out that it is grubfoot that is taken prisoner. Offer to help him escape.
  • Read ahead before rushing halfway through these steps, because if you get caught you have to start again.
  • When you tell grubfoot you will help him, run outside first and go around the guard and talk to him so he will face his back to the door so grubfoot can sneak past into the next room.
  • When grubfoot is in the next room enter it and tell him to wait by the west door. Squeeze through the wall and you will break some dishes causing the guard to come in to check it out, keep the guard inside talking while grubfoot walks to the next room north of you.
  • When he is safely inside follow him in then tell him to follow you. Go out the east door and start running towards the ramp going towards the entrance you came in. You will get a cutscene and appear to be caught, grubfoot will use a spell to knockout the guard. Tell him to continue and go up the ramp and out the door.
  • When you get through the door you will get a cutscene, attack sigmund after the cutscene so that he can't escape then Zanik will come help kill him.

  • When Sigmund dies, Zanik will pick up the pendant, put it on then attack you as she gets possessed by Bandos. Kill Zanik a few times and keep talking to him positively to get her out of the spell. Eventually she will overpower bandos and take off the pendant. After that she will throw the pendant down and a high priest will pick it up and put it on in another cutscene. The cave will start collapsing and Zanik will teleport you out of there.
  • When you get teleported, run towards the end of the cave to the portal. The roof will fall down and you will be seperated from Zanik by a pile of rocks, right click it and click clear. Go towards Zanik and talk her into grappling the cliff, you will have to guide her the directions for it. After a few failed attempts she will finally get it right and get on the cliffside with you. (remember to do the positive options)
  • Now run back to the other side of the cave and get out of there. You will end up south of Juna, run up to her and talk to her. After that head west and up the cliff and through the cave to go back into the lumbrigde swamp dungeon.
  • Continue going north until you see a shortcut to squeeze through the wall. Follow Kezgar to the mines and go south through the door to enter Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • Go to the middle of the marketplace and you will find the captain near an obelisk, talk to him. He will tell you to go back to the council. When you reach the council you will get another cutscene.
  • Accept Zanik's offer to fight the bandos avatar and she will tell you to go talk to the scribe, who can be found in the same place as the council chamber.
  • The scribe will ask you to talk to Tegdak to preserve the artifacts in a time capsule. Go down the stairs then south east through the second hallway on the east wall, then speak to Tegdak.

  • After you speak to Tegdak, he will give you a box of artifacts to take back to the scribe. Head back to the scribe, he will tell you to take it to Miztag at the Dorgshuun mines. Go down the stairs then north east and out of the city to find Miztag.
  • After you get Miztag to bury the time capsule he will suggest that Oldak has something for you to do for him.
  • Go back into the city again and through the north west door to find Oldak arguing with grubfoot. Say one of them is right then he will talk about powering up Zanik's crossbow and also says to get some items from Turgall.
  • Turgall can be found east of the ladder you used earlier near the agility course.

  • Once you speak to Turgall, head back inside the city and give the parts to Oldak.
  • Go back to where you fought the merchant and give the bow to Zanik and she will tell you to go talk to Mernik in the nursery.
  • Mernik will tell you to talk to Ambassador Alvijar which is in the house north of the nursery. He will be too busy to talk, so go back to Mernik who will tell you that Zanik is waiting for you at the portal.
  • Prepare for the fight with the bandos avatar now. I suggest taking black dhide for defence against magic as the avatar uses magic and melee.
  • When you are ready to fight head to the area you fought the merchant and talk to Zanik and say you are ready to fight. The first time you fight the bandos avatar it will concentrate on attacking Zanik more but it doesn't hurt to super set up then anyway.

  • Once you kill it the first time Zanik will try to shoot it with the crossbow to finish it off but will get attacked by a statue and the crossbow will break.
  • Zanik fights the avatar while you go collect the pieces on the ground, while you try to pick up the pieces some statues may attack you and you have to kill them first before it will let you pick up the pieces. Once you have all the pieces use one of them with another 1 to repair the bow.
  • Zanik will die then you have to finish off the avatar. Use the option to use the bow when you have killed it off normally and you will kill it. Pick up the pendant then talk to Zanik and say nothing, she will wake up and destroy the pendant to kill the avatar once and for all. Now you will get another cutscene after it finishes the quest will be complete. Congratulations!

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