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King's Ransom Quest Guide


45 magic, 65 defence, completed the following quests: Black Knight's Fortress, Holy Grail, Merlin's Crystal, Murder Mystery, One Small Favour.

Items Needed:

Black Plate legs or Plate skirt - you can get these at Al Kharid

Black Full Helm - you can get this at the Champion's guild in Varrock

Black Plate Body and Iron Chain body- you can get these at Varrock

Granite piece (any size) -you can get it at the quarry south of the desert Bandit Camp

Bronze Med Helm - you can get this at the Barbarian Village

Items Recommended:

Ardrougne, Camelot and Falador teleport runes.


1 Quest Point, 5000 Magic experience, 33 000 Defence experience, 5000 experience antique lamp, access to knight waves training ground.

The Guide:

Find gossip near the Sinclair mansion entrance and speak to him.

Tell him "how curious. Maybe I should go investigate it."

He will tell you to visit the guard in the mansion, To get proof that links the Sinclair's to Camelot (need address book), To get proof that the Sinclair's left (need scrap paper) and to get proof of foul play (need black full helm).

Gossip and Guard

Talk to the guard and he will tell you that you need to find a way to get into the house to find the evidence.

You have to break the smashed window, which can be found on the east side of the mansion near the dog.

breaking window

Collect the scrap paper, which can be found in a room north of where you enter.

scrap paper location

Head upstairs and go into the room that has a piece of paper on the table and take the address book from it. Also search the bookcase in there to collect the black full helmet.

black med helmet and adress book locations

Make your way back to the guard and tell him that you have proof of foul play, that the Sinclair's left and that they are linked to Camelot, he will then take the evidence off you.

After speaking to the guard talk to Gossip again and go through all of the options.

Go to seer's village and into the courthouse (which use to be where the party house was).

Speak to Anna, who is in the cell and accept her offer. She will give you a piece of thread to help prove she is innocent.

courthouse and Anna

Now go back to the mansion and talk to all the servants (Hobbes, Louisa, Mary, Donovan the Family Handyman, Stanford and Pierre) asking them all the questions.

Once you are sure you have all the information you need to prove Anna is innocent, return to the courthouse and head down stairs for the trial.

Bring a witness up, by talking to the judge.

The witnesses you want to talk to are:

The maid - ask about the night of the murder.

The butler - ask about the dagger

Dog Handler - ask about the poison

The Handyman - ask about the thread

If all goes well, Anna will be declared not guilty and celebrations will happen, if not you will have to start all over again.

Go upstairs and speak to Anna again. She will tell you about the location of the secret passage, which is a statue on the eastern side of Camelot Castle. Go to the statue and search it.

statue location picture

You will find your way into the castle after searching the statue, but you will realize that Anna has betrayed you. Morgan Le Faye will knock you out and you will find yourself in a prison cell with Merlin and the knights.

Talk to Merlin who will explain what happened, and that King Arthur has been turned into a granite statue, and that the Holy Grail has been stored at the Keep Le Faye.

There is a vent on one of the walls in the cell, choose to reach it and you will call over the guards who will help Merlin escape by standing on each others shoulders.

jail vent picture

If you wish to get out yourself just reach the vent again and you will be next to some crates, climb inside one of the crates to go to Catherby docks.

Talk to all of the guards to get some spare items that they have on them, which should include a hair clip.

Use the hair clip on the door, and you will get a puzzle that you have to do (which is like an easy version of mastermind). The answer to the puzzle is completely random for everyone.

Jail Puzzle Picture

You have 10 attempts to complete the puzzle, if you fail to do it within the 10 attempts the puzzle will reset and you will have to try again.

After you have solved the puzzle you will find yourself in a room full of guards fighting.

Go upstairs twice and search the table. Pick the purple box second from the right to solve the riddle you will receive the Holy Grail. If you got it wrong you will find yourself south of Ardrougne or in a cell.

Once you have the Holy Grail head to Ardrougne and talk to Wizard Cromperty, who can be found in the northeast corner of Ardrougne. He will give you an animate rock scroll, which needs a piece of granite to be able use the spell. This spell releases King Arthur from the spell that was cast on him to turn him into a granite statue. He will also explain that you will need to take Black Full helm, Plate body and Plate skirt or Plate legs as well as the bronze med helm and iron chain body when going to the Black Knight's Fortress.

wizard Cromperty Picture

Make your way to the Black Knight's Fortress, which can be found north west of the Barbarian Village, West of the monastery.

Go inside the fortress, and push through the wall ahead of you, and head down the ladder. You will see the granite statue of King Arthur.

Click Free King Arthur.

Return to Camelot Castle and talk to King Arthur again.

Well done, your quest is now complete.

quest complete picture

To find more information about the knight wave training ground click here. We thoroughly recommend that you do it, as the prayers are very useful.

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