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Best Rune Tips Quest Guide

Enlightened Journey

Author: stick470

Level 20 Fire making
Level 30 Farming
Level 36 Crafting
At least 20 Quest Points

Items Needed:
• 3 Papyrus-Bought at the Ardougne General Store
• 1 ball of wool-sheer a sheep then spin the wool on a spinning wheel
• Sack of potatoes-fill an empty sack with 10 potatoes
• Unlit candle-bought at candle store in Catherby
• 10 silk-stolen or bought at stalls in Ardougne (level 20 thieving to steal)
• Red and yellow dye-ask Aggie the witch in Draynor village to make you dye (she will tell you what you need for each dye)
• Bowl-made using wet clay
• 8 empty sacks-bought from the farming shop in Catherby
• 12 willow branches-use secateurs on a player grown willow tree (can be obtained during quest)
• Farming equipment-rake, spade, and secateurs
• Tinderbox-bought from any general store
• 10 or more normal logs-cut down a normal tree

1 quest point, 2k Crafting experience, 3k Farming experience, 1.5k Woodcutting experience, 4k Fire making experience, and access to the new Balloon transportation system.
Length: Long
Difficulty: Intermediate
Start point: Entrana

1. Go to Entrana, take with you 3 papyrus, 1 full sack of potatoes, a ball of wool and an unlit candle. Talk to Auguste just north of the herb shop.


2. He will ask if you want to be his assistant, and say he will be the first balloonist in Runescape! After some conversation say, “sign me up!” and he will show you a plan if his balloon.
3. Talk to him again and he will say “you know how ashes float above fires for long periods of time?” say yes. He will then ask you to get 3 papyrus, 1 fullsack of potatoes, a ball of wool and an unlit candle.

4. You should already have all these things, if not go and get them then go back and talk to Auguste. He asks you to make an origami balloon, to do this use a papyrus on the ball of wool then the candle on that, after that talk to him again. Then a cut scene will occur in which the origami balloon will catch fire.

first origami balloon

5. Talk to Auguste again and he will ask for the sack of potatoes and the other two pieces of papyrus, give them to him and watch the second cut scene in
which the second origami balloon will be attacked by a mob.

second origami balloon

6. Now it’s time to build the real balloon, talk to Auguste and he will say he needs the following: 10 silk, red and yellow dye, a bowl, 8 sand bags (use empty sacks on sand the pit near the herb store), and 12 willow branches from a special willow sapling he gives you (plant the Willow and then cut off the branches with a pair of secateurs when it is fully grown). He also gives you a basket of apples so the farmer at the tree patch will watch your tree for you.

Note: Willow trees take about 3-4 HOURS to grow so you should go off and do something else whilst you wait (the tree will still grow when you are logged off). You will know your tree is ready when you have the chop potion, then use secateurs on it to get branches.
Note: If you lose the sapling Auguste gives you, you need to buy it back off him for 30kgp.
Each willow branch only takes about 5 minutes each to grow but remember you need 12.

willow tree


7. Once you have all of the items give all of them but the branches to Auguste. Use the branches on the basket on the table near him (it’s best to take all of the items but the branches to Auguste whilst the tree is growing, then you don’t have to make two trips when your ready).



8. After the balloon is made talk to Auguste, he asks you to gather 10 normal logs and a tinderbox, once you have them go back to Auguste but make sure your weight is less than 40kg.

hot airballoon


9. After you talk to him the following screen will appear:
The sack with 2 upward arrows is drop sandbag.
The log with 1 upward arrow up is burn log.
The word relax with 1 arrow pointing right is relax.
The brown rope with 1 downward arrow is pull normal rope.
The red rope with 2 downward arrows is pull emergency rope.
The word bail is to purposely crash the hot air balloon if you accidentally do something wrong.

balloon flightballoon controls


Screen 1:
Drop sandbag, Burn log, Relax x9, Pull emergency rope, Relax x3, Pull normal rope, Relax x4

Screen 2:
Burn log, Relax x2, Burn log, Relax x9, Burn log, Relax x5

Screen 3:
Relax x7, Pull emergency rope, Pull normal rope, Relax x 3, Burn log, Relax x4, Pull normal rope

Note: If you fall early you will automatically return to Entrana, but if you fall over sea you will have to use the plank to float back to shore. You will also need to go back to Draynor and cut 10 more normal logs, but you don’t need to build a new balloon.

balloon break


If you fail above land on the third screen, you'll need to follow a path and click on the dirt.

follow dirt


10. When you have reached Taverley, talk to Auguste to complete the quest.


quest complete


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