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Cook's Assistant Quest Guide


Items Needed: Pot of Flour, Egg and Bucket of Milk (All items can be obtained during quest)

Items Suggested: None

Skills Needed: None

Map of Quest

1. Starting Point, The Chef In Lumbridge Castle
2. Second Part of Quest, Dairy Cows
3. Third Part. Where Eggs Respawn
4. Fourth Part, Wheat Field
5. Fifth and Last Part, The Mill

1. To start quest head to Lumbridge Castle and speak to the Chef.

2. Ask him What’s Wrong? He will tell you that he is missing ingredients for a cake and that if he doesn’t have the cake he’s toast.
3. Agree to help him by clicking; I’m always happy to help a cook in distress.

4. He will tell you to get: A bucket of milk, an egg and a pot of flour.

5. First of all grab the pot in the middle of the kitchen
6. Then head down the trapdoor and go Northwest to get the bucket of the table.

7. Now you’re done with the castle, head to step two milking the cow.
8. Take a look at the map to get to point two which is the cow pen.
9. Find the diary cow and click Milk Cow. Make sure you have a bucket or you won’t get any milk.

10. Next head out of the cow pen and go north until you see a chicken farm.
11. Go into the farm and take one of the eggs, they respawn randomly around this spot.

12. Now comes the walk, head south and go west over the first bridge you see.
13. Follow the trail north and then west, until you see a wheat field.
14. Pick one bushel of grain.

15. Exit the wheat field, head north and then enter the Mill.

16. Go up the ladder twice.

17. Now shove your grain down the hopper by using your grain on it.

18. Find the Controls and then click, Operate the Hopper Controls.

19. Now go downstairs twice.
20. Make sure you have your pot then click, Empty Flour Bin and your pot should be full of flour.

21. You should now have all three items needed for the quest.

22. Now you have two options walk back to Lumbridge Castle or Home Tele. I chose the easier way.

23. Head back to the Chef and talk to him.

24. Congratz Quest Complete!

25. Celebrate a little!!!!


Written by Drache Mensch. Comments PM=Drache Man or Danielx222

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