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As A First Resort Guide

As a First Resort
Written by Drache Mensch

Items Needed: Hatchet, 4 spears (any type), 2 raw chompies (or ogre bow, bellows, and enough ogre arrows to kill 2 chompies) tinderbox, bird snare, box trap, normal logs, knife

Skills Required: 48 hunter, 51 firemaking, 58 woodcutting

Recommended Items: Decent armor and possibly food

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 15k Firemaking XP, 15k Hunting XP, 15k Woodcutting XP, Access to Spa facilities, Oo’glog Hunter area and a platypus pet


1. Find and talk to Chief Tess, he will tell you to go talk to the human in the bank.

chief tess

2. Go south a little to the bank and talk to Balnea. It’s a long and boring conversation but you have to click through all of it. Continue to promise your help free of charge.

3. She will tell you to find Charrgurr and help her prepare the catering facilities and will unlock the bank for you.

4. Find Charrgurr northeast of the bank. She will tell you she needs lots of logs, long spears and raw chompies.

5. You need 8 archery logs and 10 eucalyptus logs. The eucalyptus trees are located west of Oo’glog and the archery trees are littered around that area.

eucalyptus tree

6. Once you have the logs head back to Charrgurr and she will tell you to put the logs on the fire pit. Then you will be instructed to obtain four spears of any type.

7. Kill Ogress’ until they drop spears or obtain them some other way. Then head back to Charrgurr. She will tell you to place the spears. Then give her two raw chompies (obtained by heading north and hunting two chompies or buying from another player).

8. Next you will need to light the fire beneath the chompies by using a tinderbox on the uncooked chompies. Now go talk to Charrgurr and she will tell you to go back to Balnea and receive your next task.

9. You now need to go talk to Snurgh who is in the eastern most building.

10. She will tell you she needs eight tropical wagtail feathers. (Go north to the hunting spot and lay your bird snare to obtain stripy feathers.) Give her the feathers and head back to Balnea.

11. Balnea then orders you to go to the salon which is slightly east of the bank.

12. Talk to Kringk and she will ask you to obtain 4 wolf bones and 8 larupia furs. There is a hunter area to the northeast where you can get larupia furs. Wolves are located near the Feldip hills.

13. Give these items to Kringk and head back to Balnea. She will tell you to talk to Seegud.

14. Seegud is slightly northeast of the bank; she will ask you to keep the bug fires alive by burning a certain material for each rock. Long, brown rock add eucalyptus log. Green, lump-shaped rocks add fever grass. Red, round rock add primweed. Yellow, egg-shaped rock put in tansymum. Orange, squarish rock add stinkbloom. Tall, purple rocks add lavender. Leave Oo’glog and search the grounds for all the listed materials.

15. Attempt to light one of the fires but it will have no effect. Go back to Seegud and she will tell you that the kids have mixed up the stones. You now have to try different combinations of plants to find the right one. This is random (as far as I can tell).

16. The easiest way of solving this is to start on the eastern most fire pit with one log and a plant until you figure out which plant the rock represents. Continue this working westward until the last fire which requires three plants and one eucalyptus log.

17. Once all the fires are lit head back to Seegud and she will tell you to go back to Balnea. She will tell you to go speak to Chief Tess about the pest problem.

18. First of all go slightly northeast of Chief Tess to the diseased kebbits. Use your tinderbox on a fevergrass and set up a deadfall with a log and knife in your inventory. With the smoldering fevergrass attract the kebbit’s attention and try to get the kebbit to walk into the deadfall. You must catch 4 diseased kebbits.

disesased kebbit

19. Now to catch the wimpy bird use your tinderbox on a tansymum and set up your bird snare. Attract the wimpy bird’s attention (somewhat similar to kebbit) and attempt to get it to fly into the bird snare. You must catch 5 wimpy birds.

20. To catch the platypus you need a box trap, a tinderbox and lavender. Light the lavender and trap each platypus until you catch the entire family of four. Once by the platypus holes release the platypuses and they will reward you with a casket.


21. Then go back to Balnea who will show you a short cut scene and then quest complete.

22. Congratz!!! Quest Complete!!!

quest complete

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