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All Fired Up Quest Guide


Level 43 firemaking

Completion of priest in peril quest.

Items Needed:

Tinderbox, 45 logs (any kind)

Items recommended:

2x varrock teleport runes, lightness gear (boots of lightness, spotted or spottier cape and penance gloves).

Start Point:

King Roald in varrock palace.


1 quest point, 20k cash, 5500 firemaking xp, access to the all fired up mini game and the rewards from the mini game( ring of fire, flame gloves, inferno adze.


  • Talk to King Roald in varrock, then go to the east varrock bank and withdraw 1 tinderbox, 2x varrock teleport runes (2 fire runes, 6 air runes, 2 law runes) and the rest logs of the same type.
  • Head north east from the bank and follow the path til you get to a gate and go through it and continue to follow the path until you find a temple. After you reach the temple go south til you get to blaze as shown in the map below.

route to blaze

  • When you talk to blaze he will tell you that he wants you to put 20 logs of the same type in the beacon next to him then light them. Do that then talk to blaze again.

add logs to the beacon

  • Blaze will now tell you that he wants you to go north west to the beacon near the rag and bone man and light that aswell, as shown in the picture below (teleport back to varrock or run to canifis bank to get more logs)

    route to the second beacon

  • After you light the second beacon head back to blaze and he will tell you to put another 5 logs in the beacon beside him to keep it alight. Talk to him again he will tell you to go back to King Roald and report your progress.
  • Teleport back to varrock and head north from the centre and go back to King Roald. King Roald will reward you for doing your quest and tell you about the rewards from the all fired up mini game.

All Fired Up Complete

All fired up Mini Game guide to be added at another time.

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