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Mithril Dragons Guide

By AJ 692

The mithril dragon is level 304, it uses Melee, Range and magic. It is recommended that you should not attempt killing these if you don’t want to take the risk of dying. Before you attempt to slay the mithril dragon. I would advise you have high level melee stats and also good armour.

The mithril dragon is located just south of the barbarian outpost. There are a few ways you can get here. You can use a games necklace to teleport to the barbarian outpost and walk south to the whirlpool, you can teleport to ardougne and walk to baxtorian falls and walk just north/west of the falls.

Once you enter the whirlpool you will land on a safe ledge. This is where I recommend you use your potions and turn your prayer on. Once you climb down the ledge you will be attacked by either a green brutal dragon or a waterfiend, there are a few different monsters within the cave. Barbarian sprits level 166, and skeletons level 132. If you are ranging the mithril dragons I would advise you use protect from magic getting past the green brutal dragons as range armour has a good magic defence bonus, this will save you some health getting to the mithril dragons.

Here are some useful tips

  1. Taking a bunyip pouch can be very helpful because it heals 2 hit points every 15 seconds
  2. If you are using magic to kill these try using slayer dart as it is cheap and it hits reasonably hard,
  3. Try to find a world with someone else fighting mithril dragons or have a friend go with you, (because when you kill a dragon you can pot and eat safely also I find other dragons will attack you when your fighting).
  4. Take ruby bolts(e) or diamond bolts(e) I find ruby bolts are effective but they also drain your hitpoints.
  5. Always eat before you go below 30 hitpoints
  6. Always use your prayer potions before you go below 5 prayer because If your prayer runs out you will get hit hard and this will make you waste food and also the dragon could hit you and kill you if your not careful.
  7. You will only have short trips. Don’t try staying for loads of kills as you will probably not get more then 5-10 kills and trying to get more you will run out of pray or food and die.



Melee -  Karil’s top and skirt, helm of neitiznot, glory/fury amulet, firecape/skillcape, whip/dragon scimitar, dragonfire shield/ anti-dragon shield, dragon boots, barrows gloves, and a ring of life for safety (rings do not always work)

Range - Karil’s top and skirt/ black d’hide, archers helmet, glory/fury amulet, avas accumulator, rune c’bow, dragonfire shield/ anti-dragon shield, snakeskin boots, black d’hide vambs/barrow gloves, ruby bolts (e), and a ring of life for safety (rings do not always work)

Mage – ahrims hood, robe top and skirt, god cape/skillcape, glory/fury/magic amulet, any staff, dragonfire shield/ anti-dragon shield, infinity boots, mystic gloves/barrows gloves, and a ring of life for safety (rings do not always work)


You can upgrade your items if you wish. But this is what I think is effective and it’s not too expensive,


Rewards – The mithril dragon drops The Rare Dragon full helmet. It also drops chewed bones ( you can use chewed bones on a pyre ship for another chance of a dragon full helmet), they also drop the rare draconic visage, mithril bars, dragon bones, soul runes, green/blue/crimson/ gold charms (4), rune javelins clue scroll (level 3), blood runes and many more items.

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