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Knight's Wave Training Ground Guide


Completion of King's Ransom quest


20 000 Attack, strength, defence and hitpoints experience. Access to two new prayers (piety level 70 and chivalry level 60)

What to do

Go to the top floor of Camelot castle.

Talk to the squire and he will explain the rules.

There are two methods of completing this mini quest.

Method 1.

This method requires you to have very good combat skills (100+ combat would be helpful).

Items needed are, a super set and your best armour (you do not lose any items if you die while doing this mini quest) a good weapon, ddp++ and some good food.

Just fight your way through the 8 knights and feed yourself when you need health ( the knights get stronger after each one is killed). Each time a knight hits you lose 5 combat stats temporarily. When your stats get lower you will need to pot up. You can also use sara brews and super restore potions to help increase your hitpoints and restore your stats.

A video of method 1 can be viewed here.

last knight to kill

Method 2.

This method requires you to be good at hiding and trapping the knights behind things. You only need a DDS or now a days called a ddp++ and an inventory of food and some good armour. This method is slower but is helpful for lower levels. Every time you kill a knight do all your specials on the new one and then hide behind the statue until it dies from poison.

Well Done you have completed the mini quest!

completion of training



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