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Fight Pits Guide


Fight pits are a very popular place for people to go for fun; I go there all the time for fun. In fight pits its survival game. You must be the last person standing in the arena and you will get a prize of tokkul; used for buying tokkul items in the volcano. The amount of tokkul you get will depend upon how many people in the arena and what level they are.


Barrows armour is the most effective armour for pits because of its defence bonus. The best armours for this are:

Verac        &        Dharok    &   Aidendeil
equipment types pictures
(Has a high         (the lower hp       (high strength
Hit ratio, hits       you have the        bonus)
Much better         better, bellow 
Through              10% hits the
Armour and         best, this is
Melee prayer)     worth changing
                            To at low hp)

There are a lot of different items you can bring, makes your chances of winning increase.

  1. POTIONS help a lot (super attack, super strength & super defence.) most people pot to help their chances, other don’t most people will see you pot and say you’re a noob for potting, but who cares, you still win. If you don’t want to be seen potting the best places to go are in the corners of the pits when the game starts and then come back and people wont realise or before the game start stand under someone and drink your potions this isn’t as effective as the other way but its safer.
  2. FOOD! Most people do not bring food to pits, me; I don’t because I think I can win without it and I do. Food is dangerous to use and usually is a waste, if your fighting someone and you eat this is disrespective and most people will pile you and kill you anyway. Other way to use food is after a fight so you’re ready for your next fight, people will usually kill the weaker or low level people in the game.
  3. ARMOUR AND WEAPONS. Armour like I said before barrows armour is the best for pits, Torag, Verac, Dharok and Guthans are useful. All of these armour can be used with a whip or and a rune defender, is what most people use. Extra weapons other then barrows are good not many though; whip, DDP++, dragon mace are good. DDP++ is only used for its special attack which hit 2 hits in one. Dragon mace is used for its special, hits higher like the dragon long, but higher.
  4. RUNES. Runes are mostly only used for ancient attacks. Best ancient attacks are ice barrage and ice burst (temporally freezing your enemy, also attack multi people at once.) using mage is risky sometimes most people at the start of the game and know you have ancients will pile you before you can attack anyone so… WATCH OUT!!
  5. BOLTS. Best bolts to use are rune bolts with onyx tipped (enchanted). But you can use lower bolts they all still work, with the rune crossbow are the best.

When you are teleported back to the waiting room, you can still watch the players fighting by clicking on the viewing orb. This will give you a view of the Fight Pits. You can also choose which section of the Pits you want to look at by clicking the menu on the right.

pits section image

Although the goal of the Fight Pits is fairly simple, achieving this can be quite a task. If you attempt to win fighting solo you will be killed very quickly regardless of your level. Whilst waiting for the fight to begin, it is generally fairly easy to join a team. Simply look for other people who have a similar combat level, and ask them if they want to team up. Having a mage on your team will also greatly increase your chances of winning.

Join Team image

Once you've been in the pits for along time the TzHaar monsters will come out and try to kill you so the next game can start longer you are there the harder monsters come out.
This is also a great way of saving up your tokkul to buy items in the volcano stores. Myself I've worked up 143k tokkul

tokkul picture  

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