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Stealing Creations Mini Game Guide

Stealing Creations is a SAFE MINI-GAME.

There are two Different game types. Red & blue Teams, Or you have clan type where you can battle other clans, the minimum number is five people per clan.

Related Skills, Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, Magic, Summoning, Agility, Thieving, Construction, Smithing, Fletching, Herblore, Crafting, Hunter, Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, rune crafting, cooking,

Stealing Creations is a skill and mêlée based mini game, any one can play it but its best if your stats are 40+. You don’t have to fight you can skill for points, but It’s all multi-combat so you can be attacked.

There is different level clay, Clay1, Clay2, Clay3, Clay4, Clay5. Clay5 is the best clay in the game and also the strongest. To get level 5 clay you need 80 in the skill, for example if there is a level 5 pool you need 80 fishing, And if there is a level 5 rock you need 80 mining, but once you get the clay you need level 80 smithing, crafting or fletching to use it for tools and arrows or runecrafting for runes.

                 Level Clay

             Level to use

Level 1 Clay


Level 2 Clay


Level 3 clay


Level 4 Clay


Level 5 Clay


(Same Levels To collect)
Once you have collected some clay you will need to process it at a kiln. At the kiln you can make all different items, Amour, Weapons, Runes, Axes, Nets, Harpoons, Pickaxes, Barriers, Potions, Bow & Arrows and summoning pouches.
The kiln also protects you when you’re making items and will not allow people to pickpocket you whilst you craft items.
There are fog safe spots through out the map, people can hide in them and pickpocket anyone that walks past.



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